Fastro 0.59.0 Release Notes

Posted May 23, 2022 by ynwd ‐ 1 min read

Adds getQuery and removes unstable deno emit.

Fastro 0.59.0 has been tagged and released with the following new features and changes:

Upgrade to deno std@0.140.0

Upgrade with the latest deno standard 0.140.0. The following is a note for the changes in deno: Deno 1.22 Release Notes

Removal of unstable deno emit

In previous version, to run SSR entrypoint you must include --unstable:

deno run -A --unstable server.tsx

In this version you can run without it:

deno run -A server.tsx

Fastro removed Deno.emit() and changed it with esbuild.

Add getQueries and getQuery

  • You can get queries parameter from url: http://localhost:8000/hello?id=5&name=agus

  • You can also get query parameter from url: http://localhost:8000/welcome?id=5&name=agus

import application, { getQueries, getQuery } from "";

const app = application();

app.get("/hello", (req: Request) => {
  return getQueries(req);

app.get("/welcome", (req: Request) => {
  return getQuery(req, "name");

console.log("Listening on: http://localhost:8000");

await app.serve();